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You will surely benefit from the regular service contractors, who are experienced in keeping your trees healthy, beautiful, and blooming all season long. You can expect us to treat every job and customer with the same, high-quality respect because our reputation depends on it. Our full-service staff is available to answer your calls and questions.

Want to maintain the proper shape of your tree? Depend on the skilled professionals at Peru’s Tree Service Inc. to prune and trim your trees for faster growth. If your trees are hitting up against the house or the wires, we can trim them too. If you are looking for an experienced tree service professional, contact us today at 513-554-1403 to schedule an appointment.

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If you are looking for a tree service business that does it all – and does it right – look no further than Peru’s Tree Service Inc. To schedule an appointment, call us at 513-554-1403 to receive a FREE estimate or a consultation with one of our tree service professionals today!

Our Tree Care
Service Include

Tree Removal

Tree Pruning

Tree Trimming

Crane Tree Work

Shrub Removal

Stump Removal

Deadwood Removal

Bracing & Cabling Services